英国杂志"tomorrow's retail floors"在近期出版的月刊中,发表了关于人字拼风格的介绍,以及对Moduleo人字拼地板的评价。

01 人字拼地板的起源&流行趋势

The experts from LVT specialist Moduleo discuss the origins of herringbone parquet and how easy it is to now emulate the traditional look.


Capable of delivering a distin guished and characterful aesthetic, herringbone designs have grown in popularity exponentially in recent years.



Rooms with this standout design almost tell a rich story of their own and this classic style comes with a modern touch from Moduleo.



Few know that the term herringbone actually dates back to the Roman Empire and the design acquired its name due to the way it resembles the bones of a herring fish.


Whilst the flooring has strong connotations of timeless, historical design, it has also become popular in ultra-modern homes looking to add dynamism and visual interest.


02 Moduleo人字拼地板

Suitable for both classic and contemporary properties, Moduleo's LVT floors in this style offer the ultimate in comfort, strength and performance.


Matthew Brook, National Sales Manager for IVC Group UK and Eire, commented: "Herringbone continues to go from strength to strength as a firm favourite in the UK. Searches for the style support this and our sales figures show growing demand for it over recent years, so we expect this trend to continue.

IVC集团(英国&爱尔兰分公司)的销售经理Matthew Brook评论道:“在英国,人字拼在商业企业中越来越受欢迎。这从人字拼的线上搜索量就能够说明,而且我们的销售数据显示,近年来人们对人字拼的需求不断增长,因此我们预计人字拼将持续流行下去。

“At Moduleo, we offer two different sizes of Herringbone plank, meaning a pattern can be accentuated to a customer's preferences. This offers more flexibility for people to create the room they truly want and, with a style like Herringbone, they can rest assured that it will be relevant for years to come."


Despite boasting a classic parquet-style aesthetic, LVT designs provide great acoustic comfort. Vinyl is resilient and reduces Walking and transit noise to an absolute minimum.



Herringbone LVT is simple to install and has a variety of wood-effect options priced lower than traditional parquet flooring. The range lends itself well to hallways and kitchens, giving them a classic look but with modern benefits, such as warmth under foot and water resistance.



Matthew continued:“The herringbone style truly is a timeless classic and elements of the design can be seen throughout history. The style has proven to be an enduring pattern, used in a broad range of contexts, from textiles and fabrics to the world of flooring."


Making a sustainable choice has never been more important for consumers and LVT can provide that. Driven by continuous R&D, Moduleo has developed a range with new steps taken in the fields of wellness, acoustics and performance. The company has a zero-impact sustainability goal in its sights, with the aim to fully cut emissions, eliminate waste and use 100% renewable energy by 2040.


Moduleo is already an eco-friendly option, manufactured using renewable energy in its state-of-the-art factory in Belgium. The factory is equipped with three wind turbines and part of the manufacturing is cooled using water from the Scheldt River which runs alongside the facility. The product contains up to 50% recycled material and is itself recyclable, meaning customers are making a forward-thinking. eco-conscious choice when selecting its LVT.






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